Our highly-qualified team of independent contractors is set up on a project-by-project basis to provide you with the highest level of service and timely delivery.

Alice Dodson Architect, principal, AIA member

Alice Dodson

Architect, principal, AIA member

Alice has been practicing architecture since 1977.

After 14 years of experience in different architectural offices, first in Europe, then in California and North Carolina, she started her own practice in 1991 in Asheville, NC.

Educated and trained in Europe and in the United States she has traveled and gathered information from a variety of cultures in Europe, Asia, and America.

She calls upon her professional and personal life experiences to create with you, and for you, physical spaces of soul and beauty.

Cannon Hartzog

Cannon Hartzog

Architectural Designer / Builder

Cannon has a Masters in Architecture and is currently interning with us.

Janet Peterson

Janet Peterson

CAD Operator and Technical Manager

Janet lived in Chapel Hill, NC for 21 years where she specialized in Computer Graphics. After moving back to the mountains in 1996, she combined her computer skills with her love of design and construction by learning the 3D architectural software, ArchiCAD.

Janet has worked with several architects in the Asheville area and with Alice Dodson Architect, PA since 2001. Janet also had a General Contractor license and has construction experience.



Quality Assurance

Tagore gives his official OK on all documents, when he’s not napping on them. Other responsibilities include morale building, seat warming and never ending excitement.